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When passionate food blogger Nikhil Saraf set out to share his tried and tested recipes on the internet, little, did he know that he’s about to embark on a memorable culinary journey?


What started as a part-time hobby, grew into a full-fledged blog with recipes from around the world. Today, Allmyrecipe is a good website that features lip-smacking lunch, dinner, breakfast, and cake recipes. 


Be it a conventional fruitcake recipe or a zingy orange chicken recipe; you’ll find every recipe to satisfy your taste buds. Allmyrecipe contains the best recipes selected through a rigorous screening process to give you only the most delicious recipes of all time. 


Want to cook a hearty meal? Head over to our lunch or dinner section and find heavenly delights like Chicken Tikka Masala or Chicken lasagna. Our list of drool-worthy recipes will make every meal session enjoyable for you.

If you ever need the inspiration to cook your next meal, scroll through our list of delicious meals that will give you detailed recipes. 


The journey of our recipes


All our recipes go through several testing processes to make sure that we are giving you the correct information. AllMyRecipes handpicks the recipes, and some of these recipes are his original innovation. The recipes are then edited to include useful tips that will help you during the preparation. All our photographs are real images taken during the cooking process.


Testing and tasting are the two things we believe make a great recipe. We test and taste all our recipes a hundred times before giving them out to you. So, don’t be scared if you see a problematic recipe, trust us for the authenticity of the recipe. Know that the recipes will always work!

We even include several warnings and tips at the end of our recipes that will prevent you from making mistakes. Developing recipes is our responsibility; all you need to do is try those recipes at home and give your family a hearty meal to enjoy. From continental to Mexican, you can find every recipe on our website. We don’t shy away from complicated recipes, and we won’t let you do that either.


What to expect from us


Visit our website every day for meal motivations and tips to cook perfectly. We even post blogs on our website sharing about the recent trends in the food world. The next time someone talks about Worcestershire sauce or Kimchi, you’ll know exactly what it is. No cuisine is complicated if you have the heart and mind to cook it well. We will make cooking easy for you with the exact time mentioned under the recipes. 


Let the fantastic culinary expertise of Nikhil Saraf help you brew magic in your kitchens. Join Allmyrecipes and become a part of an exquisite culinary journey. Our destination is our journey itself. We promise to give you the choicest of recipes from the best interests of the world. So, don the apron and get ready to cook your best meal ever!

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