Top 5 Best Mike’s Hard Lemonade Flavors (Ranked)

best mike's hard lemonade flavors

Punchlines in the beverages industry may include Mike’s Hard Lemonade. When the firm moved to the United States in 1999, it switched out the vodka for a malt base after debuting a combination of vodka, natural juices, and soda water in Canada in 1996.

Even while hard seltzer has propelled the ready-to-drink industry forward, Mike’s Spiked Lemonade has remained a standout in a market when many others have been left behind. In addition to the lemonade that made the brand famous, the company has added a variety of flavors to its product line-up and is aggressively entering the seltzer industry.

Despite Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s 20-year success, every joke about it has already been spoken. People who don’t enjoy the taste of alcohol are drawn to the drink’s sweet and citrusy flavor, and it has earned a reputation as the drink of choice for young drinkers in the United States.

Despite changing consumer preferences, the soda-like sweetness of Mike’s remains a distinct selling point. This effervescent lemonade stands out among today’s hard seltzers, which provide a lot of watery artificial tastes, more than in decades.

Even if you’ve never given a bottle to someone who grew up with it, getting someone to experience one for the first time is likely to generate more positive emotions than anybody is prepared to acknowledge.

Most of the time, Top 5 best mike’s hard lemonade flavors will remain the alcoholic beverage equivalent of a set of training wheels, but in settings when a crowd-pleasing canned drink is appropriate, such as an outdoor party or by the pool, it may make sense.

Best Mike’s Hard Lemonade Flavors

1.  Blackberry Pear

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is back with a new seasonal flavor, and this one is their most ambitious ever. Since blackberry and pear were two flavors we had never considered putting together in one bottle, Mike receives an “A” for effort.

Theoretically, this suggests that specific tastes go well together. Our best bet would be to go to your neighborhood juice shop and ask for a cold-pressed blackberry and pear juice. While we are talking about Mike’s indicates a lot of sugar is tossed in, too.

As a result, after you get over the first wave of pear, you’re bombarded with sugar before you’ve even had time to appreciate the more sophisticated tastes of tart blackberry. If you want the same taste profile but with a little more zip, try mixing in a shot of vodka with your freshly squeezed juice.

2.  Mandarin Pineapple

Mike’s Pineapple Mandarin is different from the other pineapple flavors because you can genuinely taste the pineapple. A dash of mandarin orange provides just the right amount of zesty bite to our Mike’s Harder flavor, making it stand out from many other one-note tastes.

If you’ve got a taste for mandarin that’s a little bland, you may not notice it at first. You’ll really start to like this when you go farther into the can.

This is still quite sweet and should be served cold if you want to consume it for more than five sips. However, the Pineapple Mandarin flavor of Mike’s Hard Lemonade hybrids is the best. Since this flavor might need some severe sweetness reduction, we’re not sure what the company’s research and development team can take away from it. But a tropical vacation may be the best option when dealing with booze, fruit juice, and a lot of sugar.

3.  Pink Grapefruit

Mike’s Hard Lemonade’s pink grapefruit flavor is seasonal, so whether you can get it depends on where you live and when you go shopping. However, if you’re craving anything else than the classic lemonade but still want a strong tart flavor, this is the route you should go. The ability to pucker your lips and squeeze your face that you could experience while biting into a fresh grapefruit is not to be expected.

Also, you won’t get that lovely balance of tartness and sweetness from putting a little sugar or another sweetener on a grapefruit. The only way to get around this is to coat the grapefruit with Sweet & Low, store it in an airtight container, and leave it for a few weeks.

This is because it contains a significant amount of booze. The malt liquor taste is enhanced by the pink grapefruit, even though the alcohol concentration is the same as in other Mike’s Hard Lemonade varieties. So it’s less surprisingly sweet than others and retains a flavor that isn’t just sugary.

4.  Mango

Mike’s complex mango taste in a can is buttery, almost like a nice Chardonnay. And, yes, it’s not wine either. Even so, we think it would go nicely with seafood and maybe even mislead a novice wine taster who has no clue what a Chardonnay is supposed to taste like!

This is the most well-balanced of Mike’s Hard flavors, with neither a sugar rush nor a stinging hit of acidity. If you want Mike’s Hard taste that isn’t lemonade, this is the one to go for. It’s smooth and straightforward to sip.

However, it still has a little mango-like flavor. For those of us who have friends with mango trees, this tastes like one of the mangoes they let lie on the counter for a few days too long before serving it to their “friends.”

They’re not exactly fresh, but the mango and Mike’s taste are not rotten. We’d rather have a mango that’s a touch beyond its prime than something that tastes like an immediate hangover from Mike’s Hard.

5.  Lemonade

The most popular and top 5 best mike’s hard lemonade flavors is lemonade, and there’s a reason for it. Because it’s the original, it’s the taste that made Mike’s Hard Lemonade a widely available beverage that you don’t have to limit yourself to at shady college parties.

Despite its lack of flavor and reliance on a combination of sparkling water, alcohol, and sweet lemonade, Original lemonade nevertheless ranks as one of the most excellent beverages.

The only one you can drink without numbing your taste receptors by chilling to near-freezing temperatures is this one. And it’s the only one you’d want more than one of at a time.

The original Mike’s Hard Lemonade taste is for those who don’t like beer or hard seltzer but want a light, easygoing drink they may enjoy throughout the day. Also, it’s excellent for keeping the party going after you’ve already been intoxicated since it won’t make you weary like beer. However, it allows you to avoid making a fool without sacrificing your high.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade isn’t insulting since there are no tastes here that anybody is likely to dislike. If there’s any lesson to be learned from Mike’s Hard Lemonade, it’s that sometimes the pure classic is all you truly need.

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