5 Best Smirnoff Ice Flavors Ranked

best smirnoff ice flavors

Are you wondering what is the best Smirnoff ice flavors? In this blog, you will get to know which is the most popular Smirnoff ice flavors ranked by popularity and taste.

Smirnoff Sours Berry Lemon, one of the newer varieties, has a little less of an acrid taste than the original Sours Green Apple and Sours Watermelon. Berry lemon vodka was introduced in 2016 as a spirit to be enjoyed as a chilled shot and as vodka to be combined with lemon-lime soda, one year after the inaugural Smirnoff Sours line.

In other words, it was a two-in-one product. This protects the taste of the vodka, and it’s what makes this particular Smirnoff Sour the best of the bunch.

You’ll get a flavored vodka that doesn’t taste quite as childish as the other Sours flavors if you choose the combination of berry and lemon if you’re going to go the sour route. Berry and lemon are the most appropriate combination for going sour.

What Exactly Is Smirnoff Ice, Anyway?

Smirnoff is the specific brand of vodka that is used while making a variety of cocktail cocktails. At the same time, Smirnoff ice is a malt-flavored variety of the famous Smirnoff brand of alcoholic beverage produced by the Smirnoff corporation. The main difference between the two is that regular Smirnoff is created from maize that has been distilled, while Smirnoff ice is manufactured from malt.

Smirnoff ice only contains 5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV), in contrast to Smirnoff vodka, which has a 40 percent alcohol volume.

Consequently, Smirnoff ice is designed for a relaxing evening in which you will still need to go home after the party, but Smirnoff vodka is best served mixed with other drinks so that you may get the most out of the evening.

Smirnoff is available in a variety of tastes, and we are going to go over all of the characteristics and components that you want to include in your cocktail party.

Best Smirnoff Ice Flavors

1. Smirnoff green apple

The Smirnoff green apple is just somewhat smoother than the Smirnoff Sours green apple; it is soft enough that you may enjoy it on its own with soda rather than having to rely only on cold shots. On the other hand, the taste isn’t redeemed by the smoothness quite to the same extent, which is why it only scores slightly higher than Smirnoff’s Sours series.

Smirnoff Ice green apple is a carbonated malt beverage blatantly a sugary, fruity, and sour alcoholic beverage, rather than a flavored vodka pretending to be better than it is. If you are looking for an alcoholic beverage from Smirnoff inspired by green apples, your best bet is to go with Smirnoff Ice green apple rather than flavored vodka.

2. Pink lemonade 

The Smirnoff vodka varieties are awful; we’ll move on to those that are better than average than the other tastes. Smirnoff’s pink lemonade is a relatively new taste, having just been released in 2021, yet it has already been praised by customers. This drink’s pink color precisely differentiates this from a typical spiked pink lemonade. 

This particular rendition of Smirnoff blends strawberry and raspberry with lemon, resulting in a delectable equilibrium of sweet and sour flavors. As a result, the drink has an air of sophistication that is absent from the typical lemonade-flavored beverage.

And in the same way that you can get the green apple Smirnoff taste as a Smirnoff Ice drink, you can also obtain the pink lemonade Smirnoff flavor as a Smirnoff Ice drink. That implies there will be no mixing, resulting in a lower ABV.

The question is why the Smirnoff pink lemonade vodka does not come in higher on our ranking. There is still the problem of the vodka being mixed with something for it to be genuinely pleasurable. This may be lemonade, lemon-lime soda, or even just plain soda water.

3. Original Smirnoff Ice

When it comes to a true classic, nothing can compare to the version that was created first. This choice features the characteristic citrusy flavor that the Smirnoff Ice brand is renowned for, virtually identical to the taste of lemon-lime.

The mild carbonation contributes to a flavor that is both reviving and satisfying, which will make you desire more. The mixture nearly has a lemonade flavor because of the prominent citrus notes in its flavor profile.

If you are looking for something on the lighter side, you can also pick to play with the zero-sugar version, which only goes for less than 100 calories, and this is another option to consider.

4. Passion fruit Smirnoff 

Another fruit flavor offered by Smirnoff, passion fruit, is delightful when combined with other ingredients. Like the cherry choice, it is adaptable enough to be used in a wide variety of sugary drinks. Additionally, it goes nicely with just much of every typical mixer, from fruit juices to sodas and everything in between. 

One suggestion calls for making a cocktail slushy by pouring vodka and passion fruit juice into an ice cream machine and churning the mixture together. According to one user’s recommendation, an extremely fruity vodka cocktail may be created by combining it with Smirnoff pineapple.

4. Smirnoff’s version of the Red, White, and Berry

Another Smirnoff flavor that you don’t want to drink every day, Smirnoff Red, White & Berry, does earn a particular recognition and a pretty high rating because of its taste that has been compared to Bomb Pops, which is said to induce feelings of nostalgia in those who consume it. Bomb Pops are rocket-shaped popsicles that come in red, white, and blue colors if you don’t remember them.

They were (and still are) sold at almost every ice cream counter, in every ice cream cooler, and from every ice cream truck when many of us were growing up. If you don’t remember them, they are called Rocket Pops. Cherry, lime, and blue raspberry are the three flavors that come together in the Bomb Pop, much as they do in the Smirnoff Red, White, and Berry vodka.


Your thirst may easily be satisfied with Smirnoff Ice. People seeking a means to ease into the world of alcoholic beverages that have a wide variety of tastes will find its options of cold and refreshing drinks quite helpful.

Be cautious only to sample them if you are of age to legally consume alcohol in your country before you do so. Even though they appear pretty appetizing, these beverages are reserved only for those above 18.

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