Top 5 Best Tartar Sauce Brands

best tartar sauces brands

Are you searching for the best tartar sauce brands? Read below and Explore most popular tartar sauce brands across the market.

The addition of tartar sauce to any dish that includes seafood or fish that you like eating is highly recommended. It has just the right amount of sourness for these meals and may provide a little bit of flavor to them as well.

There are several versions and recipes available to pick from, even though tartar sauce could seem like it would be the same no matter which choice you choose. They do not all taste the same, and they do not contain the same components.

The most OK tartar sauce to purchase is often not very sour but does have a great creamy texture and just a hint of sharpness. On the other hand, there is tartar sauce available in various exciting flavors that could better fit your tastes. You’ll want to choose something that harmonizes well with the seafood meal that’s your go-to Tartar Sauce:

How to Pick the Best One

We felt it would be beneficial to discuss some attributes to look for before we get into the alternatives we’ve picked for tartar sauce.


If you’re looking for a new taste, there are plenty of options out there. When a seafood meal has become stale or repetitious, some diners prefer a spicier alternative Flavor, on the other hand, refers to your own taste preferences. If you’re opposed to a certain component because of its taste, this is another thing to bear in mind..

Expiration Date & Size

You should also consider the size of the bottle you want to buy in relation to the amount you intend to consume. There is an expiry date attached to these bottles; nonetheless, they normally have a lengthy shelf life.

Components of the dish

The list of ingredients is one item you should pay close attention to. Remember that professionally produced items are likely to have different components than those created at home for preservation reasons.

Best Tartar Sauce Brands

It’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of things. We investigated the available options on the market in quest of quality, taste, and dependability. We did not want you to spend hours browsing through the available alternatives since there are a lot of possibilities out there to pick from.

1. Beaver Tartar Sauce

The first choice shown here is not just the one that we believe to be the best overall, but it generally seems to be a well-liked choice.

Since its inception in 1929, this specific brand has been successful. The tartar sauce is produced in Oregon, located in the United States, and it has been recognized as a top product for quite some time.

It’s been called a gourmet sauce with a kick of zest, and it has a beautiful flavor. This tangy taste is created for your delight using cucumbers, capers, and dill as the primary ingredients.

This tartar sauce is plenty of flavors while also maintaining its ease of preparation. It is packaged in a convenient squeeze container, making it simple and mess-free to use. You receive a better flavor and improved quality, and all of this comes in a healthier container that does not include any preservatives.

This company ensures that all of its condiments are kosher, vegetarian, low in calories, free from gluten, trans fat, and preservatives, and sodium. That level of excellence is unrivaled in the industry!

2. Frischs Tartar Sauce Original

Take a look at this selection from Frisch’s if you are searching for a special tartar sauce treat to satisfy your cravings. It has a unique taste and recipe, contributing to its incredible deliciousness.

You may be familiar with this specific tartar sauce, which goes by the moniker Big Boy tartar sauce at some point. This tartar sauce has the same incredible depth of flavor as before.

This one will undoubtedly stick out to you because of its one-of-a-kind and trademark taste, which satisfies all of your requirements for a tartar sauce and more.

This tartar sauce is produced and bottled in Cincinnati, and it has a long history of being one of the most popular options available for tartar sauce. If you like something spicier, the company also makes a tartar sauce kick to it.

3. Louisiana Fish Fry Tartar Sauce

Up next is a delectable selection that hails from the state of Louisiana. This product is crafted in Louisiana, where the firm was founded in 1982.

The company’s tagline is “bring the taste of Louisiana home,” so you can anticipate flavors that are Cajun and reminiscent of home cooking. Believe us when we say that this sauce will not disappoint.

This is a traditional recipe for tartar sauce from the Cajun culture. In addition to the standard components of tartar sauce, they create a one-of-a-kind taste profile by including fresh ingredients such as onions, relish, and lemon.

This item is sold in a pack of two, but the manufacturer also offers a variety of alternative sizes and packaging choices to choose from. Every bottle is made of glass and has a metal screw-on cap.

4. Inglehoffer Seafood Tartar Sauce

Inglehoffer starts with a specific combination of ingredients, such as cucumbers, eggs, vinegar, and soybean oil. They then add fresh lemons and capers for a tangy kick.

It has a velvety texture and a zesty flavor, and the label on the bottle proclaims it to be “America’s Finest.” This may very well be the case. You are free to make your own choice.

This is packaged in a simple squeeze container, created with high-quality components. It has a traditional taste but a modern touch that will not let you down.

5. Kraft Tartar Sauce

The next one is an all-time favorite that is well-known in the sauce and condiment industry. Kraft has been manufacturing condiments for a long time, and their products are rarely satisfied.

The use of their tartar sauce is still another alternative available to you, and it is a very effective and dependable solution. This one comes in a bottle that is 12 ounces in capacity.

This tartar sauce created by Kraft is to provide you with an additional punch of flavor. The fact that it comes in a squirt bottle makes it simple to use and less likely that you will end up with a massive mess on your hands.

There are 70 calories in each serving, and there is no trace of trans fat.This specific tangy sauce is produced with assertive components such as pickles, vinegar, garlic, paprika, and onions; nonetheless, none of these elements dominates the dish. As expected of a high-quality tartar sauce, this one has precisely the right sour flavor.

Prepare Your Very Own Tartar Sauce Here

If you really can’t make up your mind on what to purchase, we have a little secret to share. Making tartar sauce at home is incredibly easy, but it also can taste even better when you use fresh ingredients that you already have lying about in your kitchen.

best tartar sauces brands

Top 5 Best Tartar Sauce Brands

List of the best Tartar sauce brands flavors to taste!


  • Beaver Tartar Sauce
  • Frischs Tartar Sauce Original
  • Louisiana Fish Fry Tartar Sauce
  • Inglehoffer Seafood Tartar Sauce
  • Kraft Tartar Sauce


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