How To Make Garlic Bread With Regular Bread

how to make garlic bread with regular bread
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    15 Mins
  • Cook Time
    10 Mins
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Garlic bread is moreover called garlic toast. It includes bread, which is typically a baguette or sharp hitter like a ciabatta. The bread is topped off with garlic and olive oil or, more preferably, butter, and it may also join with additional flavors using herbs, for instance, oregano or chives.

It is then either grilled or baked until toasted or cooked in a customary or a bread oven that is more specifically made for the purpose of garlic bread.

It is commonly made using a French baguette or, to a great extent, a sourdough like a ciabatta, which is deficiently cut downwards, allowing the trimmings to sprinkle into the bit while keeping it in one piece.

The bread is then stuffed by putting small cuts in the bread with oil and minced garlic before cooking. On the other hand, butter and garlic powder are used to make it taste better at times.

A couple of varieties are done off with an arrangement of cheeses, often cheeses like mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, or feta act like an excellent option. A couple of bistros use clarified butter rather than olive oil.

What if you don’t have the specific kind of bread with you for making the garlic bread? You have guests coming to your house, and the market is far from a distance.

Then you don’t have to worry, your problem related to bread will be solved. We all have a loaf of regular bread, butter, garlic, cheese, and a few herbs at home all the time.

Those things are more than enough to serve your guests with the perfect garlic bread with regular bread at home. Happy guests, happy you! Therefore, happy us! In this particular article, we will learn how to make garlic bread with regular bread.


  1. Regular bread: when making garlic bread with regular bread, one needs to keep in mind to use whole wheat bread. Whole wheat bread is an easy substitute; also, it is healthy and nutritious.
  2. Butter: it doesn’t matter if the butter is salted or is unsalted. Butter is only used for applying on bread so that it bakes easily.
  3. Finely chopped garlic: take some garlic finely chopped according to the number of slices you are making.
  4. Shredded cheese: take some mozzarella and grate it. Avoid buying shredded cheese from the market. Take a block of cheese from a nearby store and shred it at home and allow it to settle at room temperature for some time.
  5. Spices and herbs: if you use unsalted butter, then you may need salt according to the requirements: some chili flakes and oregano for garnishing. And also, they enhance the taste of your bread or dish. They may also be referred to as magic herbs, the herbs with the magic of taste.


You can make a cheese garlic bread toast in under 20 mins at home. Garlic bread can be made using an oven and on a stovetop; it will taste amazing both ways. Here we will be discussing how to make garlic bread with regular bread using both, oven and a stovetop.

Garlic bread is a versatile dish it can be served with anything if it is spaghetti, pasta, soups, and it can be consumed directly as a whole dish.

The recipe we are referring to uses the least amount of ingredients. It is basic, simple, and quick. You may add on some of your cooking hacks in here and make it your dish. You may also like to add that this dish is versatile and dynamic; it adjusts to the addon and can taste better each time. Some people like to make it a veggie garlic bread just by adding some chopped onions, capsicum, corn, and many more.

So, let us now discuss the easy procedure of how to make garlic bread with regular bread


  1. Take a small bowl, add some butter to it (make sure it isn’t frozen), then add some chopped garlic to it, a pinch of salt (if used unsalted butter), add your desired herbs.
  2. Wisk them all well and make a thick paste. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Till the time the paste settles, pre-heat your oven at 190 C for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Then take a butter knife and apply the paste over the bread slices.
  5. Let the bread get crispy from the bottom, then take it out and add some grated cheese over the top of the bread.
  6. Let it bake in the oven for some time, and that would be for 12 minutes approx. Or until the base turns golden.
  7. Take it out, and then you may add a few more herbs on the top, according to your taste requirements.
  8. And your dish is ready to serve.


  1. The first two steps in this procedure would be the same as the oven procedure’s first and second steps.
  2. Till the time paste is sitting at room temperature, take a pan and place it on top of your stove. Let the pan heat at medium flame. Place your palm at a certain height to check if the pan is heated.
  3. Then place your bread slices on the pan and let them get a little crispy from both sides; make sure they don’t turn golden.
  4. Take the bread from the pan and then apply the paste.
  5. Then place the bread back on the oven and let the paste melt. To know if the bread is completely cooked. The base should have turned golden.
  6. Then add some grated cheese on top of the bread, then place it back on the pan and turn the flame too low. This way, you will see that your cheese will start melting and also, your bread won’t burn.
  7. Take the bread from the pan and add some herbs on the top.
  8. Serve it hot to your guests.

Making garlic bread is easy and fun. Your bread will taste so good, like you are taking a swim in the pool of tastes. So, enjoy your tasty garlic bread with your desired main course. Happy eating!

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