How to Reheat Mcdonald’s Fries in 3 Easy Steps

how to reheat mcdonald's fries

Want to know how to reheat Mcdonald’s fries? Let’s discuss different types of methods to reheat Mcdonald’s fries.

McDonald fries are my favourite and most liked fast food item for a long. Many of us are grown up relishing fries and enjoyed the lovely evenings with our parents or grandparents at McDonald’s. The perfect golden colour, soft with an excellent taste of salt, makes fries a remarkable and never forgotten taste in the market.

how to reheat mcdonald's fries

There is a massive demand for fries in the market, and they are served a bit warm. But they are not suitable to eat when fries are not shrill hot. The texture became soggy or somehow hard to swallow. Leftover fries are always wasted and not recommended as eatable.

People throw the fries because many of us are unaware of how to reheat McDonald fries and get them to original texture and suitable to eat.

How to Reheat McDonald’s Fries

Everyone likes to have fries when they are fresh and a bit warm. However, these tricks will help you make the fries back into the taste and shape when they are soggy.

  • In Microwave

reheating mcdonald's fries using microwave

Using Microwave for reheating McDonald fries can be an option. But sometimes, this might not make the fries as crunchy as you expect. The microwave heat can cause the fries a bit softer, and if this is okay with you, this option can be tried. Heating in the Microwave is an option who don’t have much time to experiment for reheating. You can cover the thin layer of oil on the fries and then microwave the fries for 20 seconds for better results. The McDonald fries might be an excellent choice for you.

  • Frying on Stove

reheat mcdonald's fries in stove

Fryer can be a great option to make the fries crispier than earlier. You can use the traditional way of crisp cooking that is deep-frying. The vegetable oil, peanut oil or canola are the options for deep fry as they have a smoky tendency compared to olive oil. For this, take a pan, add sufficient oil, heat up on medium flame, and then add the fries into the oil. Flip them properly with the help of a spatula (steel or non-stick only) till they look golden brown evenly. Take them out on a paper towel to get the extra oil dropped and serve the crispier McDonald fries with the same taste.

  • Via the Oven


The least messy way to reheat McDonald fries. Any oven like traditional, convention or toaster will help to reheat the fries. It would be best if you preheated the oven with the set temperature from 400 to 425 deg. Fahrenheit. For better results, place the baking sheet on a tray or cover it with aluminium foil. (You can use parchment paper instead of foil paper). Keep the tray into the oven and dispense few drops of oil, and cook it for 10 minutes. If you see all the fries are evenly golden brown, remove the tray from the oven.

Getting to Know the Iconic McDonald’s Fries

McDonald’s French fries known as the world famous fries are made of real potatoes and with many ingredients to maintain a great brand name.

The ingredient includes chemicals and preservatives to preserve the freshness of potatoes and avoid the grey colour while they get ruin. Also, they add flavours and extra oil preventing items, and these also help maintain the crisp outside and softer texture from inside.

The famous McDonald fries are the choice of kids. The unique taste and style of fries can make them tempting. Now you can enjoy the leftover McDonald fries also by using these reheating options. These reheating ideas will give you great results.

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