How to Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza – 4 Best Ways

how to reheat pizza hut pizza

It’s fantastic to have meals like Pizza Hut pizza with your significant other while you watch a movie or play a video game together. However, it is impossible to complete a full pizza by oneself, and this usually results in left-over pizza.

reheat pizza hut pizza

Fortunately, reheating Pizza Hut pizza is a straightforward process. Check out this post to learn best way How to Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza from scratch, step by step.

How to Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza

  1. Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza Using a Frying Pan

reheat pizza in frying pan

It’s right, you read that correctly: you are correct. Reheating pizza in a frying pan is a simple and effective method. A couple of slices of Pizza Hut pizza may be reheated without losing the crunch of their crust in a matter of minutes.

The tastes of your pizza’s numerous components are enhanced by using this approach. It also helps to increase the crispiness of the crust while baking. In order to reheat pizza in a frying pan, first heat a non-stick pan over medium heat until it is hot but not smoking.

If necessary, cut your pizza into smaller slices and place them on the pan. Next, make sure that your pizza is being heated evenly by allowing space between the pieces of it.

If necessary, you can complete this process in additional batches. Adding a few drops of water to the pan might also assist to keep it from burning on the stovetop. The only exception is that you must avoid getting water on top of the pizza, which is not recommended. You’re now ready to dig into your Pizza Hut pizza at this point!

  1. Reheating Pizza Hut’s pizza in the oven

reheating pizza hut pizza in oven

Pizza Hut pizza may be warmed up in the oven as an alternative. Here are some straightforward procedures you may follow. To begin, reheat your Pizza Hut on a sheet pan in the centre of the oven on the middle shelf. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. For a softer crust, bake the pizza on a cold sheet pan or wrap it in aluminium foil.

A little layer of water on a baking sheet and the pizza wrapped gently in aluminium foil will help to bring life back to a stale slice of pizza. Cover the pizza for the final 2 minutes of cooking to prevent it from becoming soggier. In both a traditional and convection oven, this approach will work well. Having said that, the thickness of the pizza and/or the use of customized pizzas with several toppings will have an impact on how long it takes to cook up.

  1. Heat up a frozen pizza from Pizza Hut in an air fryer

reheating pizza hut pizza in air fryer

You may reheat leftover Pizza Hut pizza in an air fryer by adjusting the temperature to 350°F or pressing a pre-programmed pizza button on the air fryer’s controller. The air fryer basket may be used to cook a pizza slice for three to four minutes on each side. Temperature should be reduced to 325 degrees Fahrenheit in order to progressively cook thicker crust pizza without scorching the cheese.

Pizza slices should have adequate room around them for proper airflow. Overcrowding the air fryer can result in a pizza that is less crispy than it should be. The simplest solution is to keep the number of layers to a bare minimum.

  1. Microwave-Reheat Pizza Hut Pizza

reheating pizza hut pizza in microwave


It is possible to reheat leftover Pizza Hut by placing the pizza on a microwave-safe dish and placing a cup of water next to the dish. With the addition of water, you can ensure that the pizza dough does not get extremely dry. If desired, the pizza can be crisped up more under the broiler. Alternatively, you may use the pizza setting on your microwave oven. Simply repeat the technique outlined above for the amount of time specified by your microwave. It’s important to check on the pizza every thirty seconds to ensure that it doesn’t overcook.


There are a variety of methods for reheating Pizza Hut pizza. The four most effective ways to accomplish it at any time are listed above. Please share with us whatever warming technique works best for you!

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