What is Old World Pepperoni? Facts Revealed

what is old world pepperoni

Do you belong to that group of people who eagerly want to explore what is old world pepperoni? It has served with the bread dough and some savory mixtures added in it to enhance its taste.

The flattened bread dough served with vegetable toppings. Furthermore, many people love to have it. In this world, it is hard to believe that people dislike old world pepperoni.

This kind of dish served during in-house parties and events. You can find different types of old world pepperoni are available in the market. Thus, it depends on you that type of food you want to eat.

Old World Pepperoni: Explore Its Brief History from Discovery to Existence

old world pepperoni

Pepperoni is an American name that has given to this dish. So, the word Pepperoni comes from an Italian word whose meaning is Pepper. Some people believed that Italians brought that word to the USA.

Pepperoni has a close connection with salami and red peppers. During the 19 century, the word Pepperoni used in the Manhattan region. Old World Pepperoni is a combination of Italian and American delicacies.

By the coming of 20 century, Old World Pepperoni became the most popular dish in the USA. The sincere efforts of the people who tried to add a unique taste to the pepperoni make it worth eating.

They made certain additions to delicate ground meat, traditional species, and artificial casings. Some unique species have used to add some flavor to the pepperoni.

What is Old World Pepperoni?

old world pepperoni

Different sausages used in preparing old world pepperoni. Other things that have added to it include chili, paprika, seasoned pork, and cured beef. It is a combination of the American and Italian species.

Besides this, it includes Italian salami. This old world pepperoni looks like mahogany red, and its edges curled up when cooked. It looks identical to the Italian sausages. The natural sausages have added to the old-world pepperoni. Old World Pepperoni is available in the market of different shape, size and taste. Old World Pepperoni and American Style Pepperoni are two types of pepperoni sausages available.

American Style Pepperoni and Old World Pepperoni Difference

The most popular two sausages are American Style Pepperoni and Old World Pepperoni. Old World and American Style Pepperoni have some differences and similarities.

It consists of the similarities in slices, thickness, and the added species while making the pepperoni.  You can differentiate between Old World Pepperoni and American Style Pepperoni based on color. Old World Pepperoni looks dark red, and American Style Pepperoni is orange colored.

Cooking Guide to Make Old World Pepperoni

pepperoni pizza

Several vibrant species included while making old world pepperoni. Beacon-like stuff has added to enhance the taste of old world Pepperoni.

Apart from that, you can customize the old world pepperoni by adding what you like the most. Thus, you can give a try to prepare old world pepperoni at home.

Ingredients that you need to prepare Old World Pepperoni are:

  • Warm Water: 1 ½ cups
  • Dried Yeast: 2 teaspoon
  • All-Purpose Flour: 4 cups
  • Olive Oil: ¼ cup
  • Parmesan Cheese: ¼ cup
  • Pasta Sauce: ½ cup
  • Sugar: ½ teaspoon
  • Salt: ½ teaspoon
  • Red or Green Pepper: ½ cup
  • Pepperoni: ½ cup

Old World Pepperoni Cooking Procedure

  • Take one bowl.
  • Then, put dry yeast and warm water in it.
  • Mix all the things in the bowl. Then, you have to leave it in the bowl for 4 to 5 minutes.
  • In the bowl, add salt, flour, and Oil.
  • Mix all the things in a bowl. You have to make the dough of it.
  • You can take a damp cloth to cover the bowl.
  • You can keep the dough for 30 minutes at a cool place in your home.
  • At that time, preheat your oven to 350 Fahrenheit.
  • Put that dough in a greased tray
  • Then, put the topping and cheese on the dough.
  • Don’t forget to add pepperoni slices to the pizza base.
  • Put the tray in the oven.
  • Wait until that it becomes golden brown.

What Makes the Old world Pepperoni Looks Curly?

old world pepperoni

Most of the people have tasted the delicious old world pepperoni. Then, one thing came to our mind the curliness of old world pepperoni. Two things make old world pepperoni looks curly, and it includes:

  • Casing: Casing style is the reason behind the curliness of old-world Pepperoni. Sheep gut is an essential thing added in it. It has exposed to high heat in the oven. So, it becomes curly after cooking.
  • Thickness: The slices of old-world Pepperoni are thick. The two of the base takes time to heat up. Thus, old world pepperoni looks curly.


Old World Pepperoni is the all-time favorite dish of the majority of people. Do not forget to include it in your menu when planning to organize a party for your family and friends. People like the species added to it.

It tastes delicious. Get the full details about the cooking guide of old world pepperoni in the article. Old World Pepperoni is a combination of American and Italian delicacies.

It became popular among the Americans in 19th and 20th centuries. It is the best time to prepare old world pepperoni and give a sweet surprise to your loved ones. They will love it. Beacon stuff added to the dish to make it delicious you will drive into your comfort zone while eating old-world pepperoni.

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