3 Best Substitute for Oregano

substitute for oregano

Fresh oregano is a peppery herb with a strong flavor that is most commonly used in pizza and pasta dishes. Known for its strong, punchy flavor, it is one of the most extensively used herbs in the world, and for a good reason; it is also one of the most expensive. However, its capacity to be utilized both fresh and dried defines it as a multi-purpose herbal ingredient.

The oregano plant is made up of a few little leaves that are highly flavourful and nutritious. In bloom, this delicate shrub produces edible and beautiful flowers in hues of pink or purple that are both tasty and eye-catching in their beauty.

In locations such as Greece, where the plant’s Latin name, Origanum vulgare, translates as “joy of the mountains,” the plant’s name comes from a Latin phrase that translates as “joy of the mountains” in Greek, and where its Latin name, Origanum vulgare, means “joy of the mountains.”

But it wasn’t until World War II veterans returned home and turned it into a famous pizza topping that it gained widespread popularity in the United States of America. We’re confident that by this point, you can’t imagine your favorite pizza without it on the menu.

However, while oregano is most generally associated with pizza, it may also be found in several other meals, such as pasta sauces and pesto, fish and poultry, hamburgers, and a variety of other dishes from across the world. In addition, there is a substantial difference in the intensity of the flavors between dried and fresh oregano, even though oregano may be used in cooking in both dry and fresh forms.

When it comes to herbs, oregano is one of the few that may be used at the start of the cooking process since the flavor is powerful enough to stand up to the rigors of the dish’s preparation. Fresh oregano has a significantly more intense flavor than dried oregano; nevertheless, dried oregano has a somewhat stronger flavor than fresh oregano.

Best Substitute for Oregano

It is conceivable that you will not have enough oregano on hand to complete the meal, no matter how thorough your preparations are. Another possibility is that you accidentally missed it off your shopping list!

When looking for an oregano replacement, it might be tough to figure out what to use in its place for whatever purpose you’re doing so. This is especially true if you are a total novice when it comes to the art of culinary creation.

Therefore, we’ve created a list of oregano replacements that you may use in place of oregano in the recipe below. The list in the bottom contains all the information about the substitute of oregano.


Not many people are aware of the fact that oregano and marjoram are commonly confused with one another. In reality, in terms of their botanical family tree, the two plants are quite closely related to one another! Why? Even though oregano and wild marjoram are two completely different plants, oregano and wild marjoram are commonly used interchangeably in the Mediterranean.

In comparison to its stronger cousin, the flavor of marjoram is generally softer and more delicate. A common comparison is that the flavor is sweeter than oregano and less harsh than parsley. They also have very similar looks to one another, making it difficult to distinguish them from one another at first sight. For example, cooking with it is a wonderful alternative to using oregano, and you should explore it. It’s also a great substitute for tarragon in dishes, according to some.


Using this leafy green herb for culinary flavor is another popular choice among home cooks. Basil is commonly used in a wide range of various dishes, and it can bring a meal to life. Basil is another herb that may be used both dried and fresh, and it is similar to parsley.

Fresh basil has a richer taste than dried basil; nevertheless, dried basil is handier to keep on hand in the kitchen or pantry. Dry basil will also require less upkeep in the future! It’s important to remember to alter the amount of basil you use depending on whether you’re using dried or fresh basil.


Even though there are many distinct varieties of tarragon available, the kind most commonly used in cooking is French tarragon. Henbane is a well-known plant that has an extremely strong taste and is quite fragrant. The strong flavour of tarragon makes it an ideal substitute of oregano for poultry dishes.

Tarragon would also be an excellent alternative for oregano in tomato-based recipes, according to the author. So, if you’re short of oregano, or if you just don’t want to use it, this delicious herb will be the perfect substitute.


The absence of oregano in your house should not be a matter of concern for you anymore. You only need to ensure that you have one of these herbs on hand, and you’ll be set to go.

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