What is the difference between Hunan chicken and Szechuan Chicken?

what is the difference between hunan chicken and szechuan chicken

What is the Difference Between Hunan Chicken and Szechuan Chicken?

Each corner of the world has a spot for Chinese food. What’s more, two of the most adored dishes among the assorted Oriental gastronomy are Szechuan and Hunan Chicken. Notwithstanding their common nation of beginning, these two dishes aren’t exactly the same.

They have audacious flavors and are hot in taste. Hunan chicken is spicy in taste because of the ingredients used in it. On the other hand, Szechuan chicken is less spicy and served dried. Other than that, they contrast in their synthesis, consistency, and the flavors used in it. To better understand the natural attributes of their territorial classifications, we ought to characterize the difference between Szechuan and Hunan chicken.

Hunan Chicken Vs Szechuan Chicken


Hunan cooking is moreover alluded to as Xiang food. Hunan foods contain foods from the Xiang river, western Hunan areas and dongting lake. While hunan foods contain ingredients from different areas mentioned above, one ingredient named ‘mala’, which is hot, binds all flavors together. Hunan foods are pure and straightforward, as can be as is Hunan chicken.

The other trademark is that Hunan chicken is hot and slick.

Moreover, Hunan chicken includes ingredients like shredded ginger, pepper bean stew, chicken stock, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, sugar, cornstarch and chicken sherry. The Hunan chicken is first marinated in shredded ginger, soy sauce and sherry mixture for a few hours.

In the interim, blend the fluid ingredients in another bowl and sautéed all the vegetables well for a couple of moments as you add the excess ingredients. While cooking Hunan chicken, make sure you cook it under low warmth. Hunan chicken will be delicate when properly cooked. Eat it with rice.


Szechuan is also known as Szechwan or Sichuan. The Szechuan chicken is formed from southwestern areas of Sichuan. So it’s pretty clear that Szechuan chicken gets its name from its area of origin. The area is incredible for its fiery and nervy flavors, which is portrayed inside the Szechuan chicken. The people in its authentic recipe further added Sichuan peppercorn flavor.

This zest has a sweet-smelling, citrus-like taste which gives a shivery desensitizing sensation. The chicken-like different suppers from the Sichuan locale is sweet and zesty.

The ingredients required to cook Szechuan chicken includes- soy sauce, dry sherry, egg whites, brown sugar, cornstarch, red peppers, carrots, onions, green onions, boneless chicken, oil, red stew, Worcester sauce etc.

The least demanding method to prepare this dinner is to sear the battered chicken and afterwards sauté the veggies, after which all ingredients are properly mixed with the other prepared sauce. This is then presented with steamed rice.

Flavors of Hunan and Szechuan chicken 

Szechuan chicken is prepared by utilizing huge loads of stew bean glue. This is regularly a glue comprised of soured wide beans, soybeans, salt, rice and stews. It is a pungent and hot glue. Another ingredient you will see is the Szechuan chicken mixture is of either hot and sweet or hot and acrid flavors.

Hunan chicken, then again, requires the work of ground stews guaranteeing the seeds are ground just like a liberal amount of dried bean stew pepper, garlic and shallots. This indicates that the main flavor of Hunan chicken is the hotness of the dinner. Also, there is another ingredient that distinguishes Hunan chicken from Szechuan is ‘mala’. This ingredient gives you a hot sensation on the tongue, which is absent in Szechuan chicken.

Moreover, Hunan chicken is a mix of onion, garlic and umami flavors in which the chicken is actually marinated at first. But, the Hunan chicken is comparatively rigorously hot and oilier than Szechuan chicken,  whereas szechuan chicken is dry. It’s a less muddled and cleaner dish, including new fixings joined with smoked and restored meats.


If you keen of details, you will notice that szechuan chicken is little red in color while hunan chicken is little brown in color because of its sauce

The major ingredients need to cook Hunan and Szechuan chicken

Hunan chicken uses new ingredients and smoked or restored hamburger. The ingredients utilized for its planning change with the seasons.

Szechuan chicken depends on dried, cured and salt-relieved ingredients. It is never covered with the seasons.


Hunan chicken uses fresh bean stew peppers though Szechuan utilizes handled bean stew glue.


Hunan chicken suits individuals who love vegetables since it contains huge loads of veggies and expects a crunchy surface.

Szechuan additionally has veggies in any case, in a couple of sums, and it’s less fresh; however, the nuts like sesame seeds, cashew nuts and peanuts bring about a smidgen of its crunchiness.

Food preservation of Hunan and Szechuan chicken 

The fixings used to plan Szechuan chicken were in the old days safeguarded by drying, pickling or preparing though the fixings utilized while planning Hunan chicken are relieved and smoked.

Which is best in taste – Hunan chicken or Szechuan chicken?

This is an issue of worry for most amateurs who are desperate to explore something new in foods. All things considered, this depends on what energizes your taste buds and what you are searching for at that specific time.

The two dishes are absolutely astounding, yet you definitely pick Hunan chicken on the off chance that you love your food hot and spicy. Notwithstanding, in the event that you like it, sweet, fiery and harsh Szechuan chicken is your smartest option. This is an individual wish to choose on the grounds that various individuals have different taste in food.

Bottom Line

These dishes are firmly related, and it wouldn’t be simple for one to take note of the distinctions, particularly while attempting them interestingly. One thing that is an assurance is that they are both scrumptiously amazing meals.

The varieties inside the two chicken plans are eminent in the mouth. Hunan chicken is hot and spicy because of its spices and while Szechuan chicken is served and is comparatively less spicy . They are not difficult to cook as long as you can get all the ingredients right, and besides that, you can visit any open Chinese café close to you for the genuine taste of chicken.

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