What is the Difference Between Left and Right Twix?

what is the difference between left and right twix

Difference Between Left and Right Twix

Now, what came as a result of this popular question “what is the difference between left and right twix? Everyone has a different opinion on chocolate. Some believe that the left Twix has a crunchy texture. It is also sweeter than the right chocolate.

This is because the cookie is kept infused along with chocolate and caramel on the outside. The right Twix, on the other hand, has a sweet and crunchy nature. In this one, the cookie is covered in layers of chocolate and caramel.

The chocolate wrapper is another major clue. The colors of the classic bar chocolate are inverted. For the left one, ‘Twix’ is written in red color upon a white label. At the same time, the right one is the inverse of the left.

This is an unending debate that exposes the brilliance of the manufacturers.

Chocolates are something that everyone likes to enjoy. Many love it for the taste, texture, and sweetness. Some of us eat chocolates to put our stress away.

Different types of chocolates are available. There are candy bars, toffies, chewable and more. Twix is popular bar chocolate. This one with a golden cover wrapper is a delight to eat anytime.

There are two variants available which are right and left Twix. Now we shall see what is the difference between left and right Twix is.

Originated in America, Twix has been favorite chocolate to millions of people around the world. The brand Mars Inc created it. Since its advent, it has been a big hit among all ages.

The creamy texture of chocolate and the taste of caramel are perfect together. Years later, two new variants of the chocolate were released.

The appearance did not vary a lot. So people became curious to know about each of these chocolates. This is the right and left Twix bars. Continue reading to know what is the difference between the two.

difference between left and right twix
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The Rivalry

Initially, when people began eating right and left Twix, they did not find anything different. Both looked the same and also tasted the same. But the owners and manufacturers of Twix denied these reviews. There are no similarities between the two Twix variants.

This triggered people to research both rights and left Twix completely. Many began experimenting with the taste to find out the ingredients and process of making the chocolates. The question of how both of them differ is still a puzzle for Twix fans. This has eventually increased the sales of Twix over the years.

Production Tactic

When Mars Inc introduced both right and left Twix in 1967, it received several reviews. Just after a few years, Twix became one of the most famous brands for chocolate in America.

Quality and taste are undeniably great, which can be one reason. But one of the major reasons is initiating this question: what is the difference between left and right Twix.

This has forced a lot of people to buy chocolate just to find at least one similarity. Ironically, the only difference is their name. Here is a popular argument.

The Left Twix is an enrobed chocolate with the cookie in the core. Layers of chocolate first cover this and then sprinkled it with caramel.

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The right Twix is layered chocolate which contains a chocolate layer along with caramel which is poured down. There is a cookie inside this too. There is only a slight difference in the making. This could be why it feels and tastes the same.

The question remains unanswered as there is too much confusion. Amidst all the confusion, Marks Inc earned huge profits. As long as people continue to note any difference, there is no stopping. This is an amazing marketing tactic too.


Twix has created a buzz over the two variants for years now. It has now become a general trivia question. For example, people ask each other, which is preferable. With social media, the number of people looking out for differences has only increased.

Apart from all these questions, the taste and quality of Twix cannot be questioned at all. The manufacturers have maintained the same quality, taste, and feel to date.

This makes it a brand that achieves an impeccable quality of chocolates and cookies. Twix is now over by people in several parts of the world.

On the one hand, it lets people wonder about the differences while it has actually become favorite chocolate for people.

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The ingredients used are fine and are of high quality. This gives both the chocolates a soft and luscious texture. Being caramel-based chocolate, Twix does not stick a lot.

The sweetness is added in the right amount, making it an authentic blend of all the ingredients. It is available in different quantities too. Twix has now become feel-good chocolate for anyone in any mood.

Ending note

With so many debates and confusion, Mars Inc has never revealed as though what the truth is. It could also be a chocolate bar with just different wrappers. Or a different method is followed while making it. They have dropped clues here and there to make a few distinctions.

One such clue is the tagline of each chocolate. The right Twix is described as ‘cloaked in chocolate with cascaded caramel.’ While the left one has a tagline that goes ‘enrobed in chocolate with drizzled caramel.’ This gives away the process of making each chocolate.

Twix will give you the satisfaction of having great chocolate despite the variety you choose. That tells all about the kind of supremacy it has over others.

twix chocolates
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Both the right and left Twix to stand out, making it one of the finest chocolates to taste. It’s a great idea to gift loved ones and share happiness.

That was all about right and left Twix for you. No matter which chocolate you choose, a sweet and crunchy treat is guaranteed. It is now available almost in all cities around the world.

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