How to Make a Smoothie Thicker – Easy Tips

how to make a smoothie thicker

A smoothie is a package of nutrients by itself. It is both healthy and filling. Moreover, there is no cooking involved in making a smoothie. It just requires a blending of all the ingredients.

But a watery smoothie is a total disappointment. This will also not contain the flavors or color of a smoothie. So how to make a smoothie thicker?

This article will give you tips to make a smoothie thick. We also look into a few issues everyone faces while making a smoothie and how to solve them. 


How to Make a Smoothie Thicker


Go for frozen fruits


Smoothie is perceived as a healthier version of a milkshake. These are made from fruits, greens, and vegetables. The sweetness from the fruits is more than sufficient.

If not, you can add healthy sweetening agents too. By using the correct fruits, you can get a perfect consistency. One way to make a thick smoothie is by using frozen fruits.

Fresh fruits may contain more water content than frozen ones. Moreover, you can fruits that are not available in that particular season if they are frozen.

thicker banana smoothie

Bananas, strawberries, pineapple, mangoes are a few suggestions for fruits to add to a smoothie. You can also store freshly bought fruits in the freezer. This gives you frozen fruits at home. These taste great for a smoothie. You can buy frozen fruits from the market. This is cheaper than fresh fruits.


Blending it right


Use a quality blender to prepare smoothies and blend in the right size blender. If you have a small blender, then blend the ingredients in parts.

Otherwise, the blender will end up using a lot of liquid or milk as there is no room for mixing. Take a part of the ingredients, blend them completely and mix all the parts in the end.

Ensure to add very little liquid each time while blending. For a large blender, add all the ingredients together at once. 

Avoid using water as the liquid. Instead, use milk or fruit juices. Try freezing the juice in an ice cube tray for making cubes. Using a few cubes while blending will help in keeping the smoothie thick.


Thickening agents 


Chia seeds taste wonderful with smoothies and juices. These seeds have got absorbing capacity that can keep the smoothie thick. These are great toppings for smoothies too.

While serving the smoothie, if you think it is a little watery, mix two tablespoons of chia seeds and set it aside. Let the seeds absorb the moisture for a few minutes.

thick pineapple smoothie

Chia seeds have several nutritional benefits, which make the smoothie taste delicious too.

Oats are another thickening substance for smoothies. You can add the raw oats to the smoothie after blending. It absorbs the excess liquid and becomes tender. It also tastes good while munching the oats as you drink the smoothie.


Keep fruits and greens separately.


Fruits with spinach is a popular smoothie recipe. Some of us also use protein powder as a part of post-workout routines. These ingredients need to get blended properly.

So blend spinach or greens separately with fruit juice cubes or liquids. Later, blend the fruits and mix them together. The same goes for protein powder too.

If you feel that the greens and fruits are not mixed properly, you give a quick blend once again. Blending them separately will make the greens into a smoothie without lumps. When it is blended all together, it might require extra liquid for blending smoothly.


Tips to Make the Smoothie Thicker


There are few tips that you can follow to get a nice consistency. Most people make blending mistakes that ruin the smoothie. Here is a method to blend properly. 

● Take a right-sized blender and add the liquids first. This can be milk or fruit juice.

● Then add the greens and blend it until it is smooth. 

● Now add frozen fruits or fresh fruits and blend them together.

thick berries smoothie


This will help you get a texture without getting any lumps. 

Ensure to add enough liquid for the smoothie. Otherwise, it will get very thick that can be consumed out of a straw. It may also not blend properly and repair the blender without sufficient water or liquid.

For getting a smoothie that does not have any grits, you can use a strainer or a sieve. This will remove the excess foam in the smoothie. Avoid adding fruits that have insoluble fibers.

This will result in a smoothie with particles while drinking. If you want to include such fruits, use them with proper solvents like coconut oils or avocados. 


If the smoothie gets separated or not blended properly, wash the blender again. Then freshly blend the mixture again. You can add flax seeds that help the smoothie come together.

In the way, we know how to make a smoothie thicker. This can be taken as a delicious and complete breakfast too. You can use yummy topping like strawberries, bananas, dry fruits, walnuts, almonds, and oatmeals. These go well with a smoothie with a good texture. Adding flavored protein powder is an option to give the smoothie a new twist. Smoothie is a simple diet that you can enjoy anytime. 


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