How to Ripen Bananas Quickly for Banana Bread

how to ripen bananas quickly for banana bread

How to Ripen Bananas Quickly for Banana Bread


In case you’re craving banana bread- It can feel like forever waiting for bananas to ripen. Yet, everything isn’t lost. We’ll tell you the best way how to ripen bananas quickly for banana bread. Regardless of whether you’re not enthusiastic about bananas for snacking, you can, in any case, make your banana perfectly ripen for baking with these simple tricks. 


An overripe banana makes yummy banana bread, but the time you buy it from the market comes to ripen exactly when you need to bake banana bread is tricky.


Cultivators deliberately transport under-ripe bananas to lengthen their timeframe of realistic usability, and it’s not like you will always find only green bananas in supermarkets. Let’s learn how to ripen bananas quickly for banana bread if you get the green banana.

how to ripen bananas


What Makes Bananas Ripen? 


Bananas produce a characteristic plant chemical considered ethylene that ripens the banana. It works by changing over starch into sugar, which gives the bananas their delicate surface and sweet taste. At the point when bananas are reaped from the plant, they’re splendid green in shading.


Before they’re sent to your neighborhood supermarket, they experience their aging cycle in extraordinary temperature-controlled rooms.


Despite the fact that bananas produce ethylene normally, the rooms are siphoned with a greater amount of gaseous petrol to accelerate the process. Bananas are as yet green when they transport out to stores, yet they will keep aging over the long haul.


ripen bananas


Step by step instructions to ripen Bananas for Baking 


To promptly ripen bananas for banana bread, you can utilize the oven or the microwave, or even a paper bag. The oven and paper bag work really hard to build up the sweet kind of overripe bananas, while the microwave simply softens the banana.


1. Oven: 


One of the most straightforward approaches to age the green banana is by utilizing the stove. This process may require many hours, yet the banana will have an overripe banana’s flavor and texture.


To speed-age bananas in the oven. 


– Preheat the oven to 300 degrees F and line a heating sheet with silicone or material (the bananas may release a bit during preparation). 


– Place unpeeled bananas on the heating sheet with some space among them, and prepare for about thirty minutes, checking at regular intervals to check whether they’re sufficiently delicate. The more under-ready they are, to begin with, the more it will take to ripe them. 


– The strips will turn dark, and the organic product will be delicate — excessively soft for eating raw, however incredible for baking. 


– Let them cool before using for baking. 



2. Microwave: 


This strategy mellows the bananas; however, it doesn’t improve the flavor or increment the pleasantness, so you may have to build the sugar in your formula to redress. This strategy works better with partially riped instead of completely green bananas. 


You can zap firm yellow bananas to delicate readiness in only a couple of minutes. Here’s the trick: 


– Poke unpeeled bananas done with a fork or blade. 


– Then put them on a paper towel or plate and microwave on high for 30 seconds all at once, rehashing until they’re pretty much as delicate as you need them. 


– They will not be very pretty much as sweet as the oven ripened versions, yet they’ll be mashable for your brisk banana bread. 


 3. Paper Bag Technique 


If you are planning to make banana bread after days, at that point, you can attempt the paper bag technique to ripen the banana. As bananas ripen normally, the strips radiate ethylene gas.


The higher the centralization of ethylene noticeable all around encompassing the banana, the quicker it will rip. You can exploit ethylene’s maturing properties at home using a paper bag; the paper will trap ethylene while allowing insufficient oxygen to help move the process along.


For significantly quicker ripening, add an apple, pear, apricot, or avocado — they likewise discharge ethylene. Be that as it may, don’t keep the bananas in a plastic sack, which doesn’t allow insufficient oxygen and can repress ripening.


That is why the bananas at your store are regularly packed away in plastic, to hold them back from ripening too early. Depending upon how under-ready your bananas were, to begin with, paper-bag ripening will require 1-3 days; putting the pack on top of your fridge or another warm area can speed it up significantly more.


Check them every day, and when the bananas are firm and brilliant yellow with no hint of green, they’re useful for eating raw. When earthy colored spots begin to show up, you can utilize them for baking banana bread.




These simple and speedy approaches of how to ripen bananas quickly for banana bread prove to be useful. Or then again, you can get a lot of bananas and let them remain and ripe together and enclose them with a foil. Along these lines, they will ripe in around 24 hours, if not rapidly. But you can try the microwave technique if you don’t want to stand by to get your hands on your number one banana bread.

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