What is Anchovies? Buy, Storage and Uses

what is anchovies

The tiny, slim green colored saltwater fish with silvery stripes are well known as Anchovies. They are found in Mediterranean, Atlantic, Pacific and Black sea. Anchovies love to eat hatchet fish and planktons. They belong to the Engraulidae family. The sea creatures, birds and sharks eat Anchovies.


The best sources of Anchovies to buy from

Anchovies are saltwater fishes available in pleasant water, other than cool or tepid environment seawater. Nearly 68% of the caught Anchovies are available in the huge Peruvian Anchovy falconry, 19% are available in the Anchovy falconry of Japan and 8% are available in Europe falconry.


How to Buy and Store Anchovies

what are anchovies

Anchovies are most of the time available in preserved form rather than the raw one. The salted preserved slices of anchovies, stuffed in olive or sunflower oil are available in the market.

These salted preserved anchovies slices are easily available in the market and are sold at a lower rate. Anchovy’s slices are sometimes available in big narrow containers that are resalable, hence the required amount can be used and the rest can be preserved for future use.

Whereas, some of the salty fish slices are also available in-plane ring up containers. As soon as some of the slices are used we have to immediately transfer the rest of the slices into a resalable container for preservation and future use. The Anchovies slices lose its odors and taste if kept in an unsealed container.

The Anchovies are also available wrapped in salt. These fishes are meaty, harder and taste delicious.

The salt wrapped fishes need to be cut into slices as they are available in full with bones and fins. To soften the hard salted fishes first we have to cast out the excess salt, and then wash with water properly after that soak the fish in milk or white wine to soften it. Then freeze the anchovies in a glass sealed container for six months.


Anchovies Vs Sardines


Anchovies and Sardines are available in salty water. Both the fishes are oily but Sardines contain a higher amount of omega 3 fatty acid when compared to anchovies.

These fishes contain an adequate amount of advantageous fatty acid. But they differ from each other in taste, odor.

Anchovies and Sardines differ from each other but most of the time confused due to its small size.

The length of Sardine fish is 20cm whereas that of Anchovies fish is 15 cm. Sardines are a bit larger when compared with Anchovies side by side.

Sardine belongs to the Clupeidae family whereas Anchovies are from the Engraulidae family.

Due to fewer odors than Anchovies, the Sardines are taken as a complete fish whereas Anchovies are required in fewer amounts.

Anchovies are more blackish compared to Sardines. Anchovies have reddish-grey color meat and the Sardines have white meat.


Use of Anchovies in Recipes


The marinade Anchovies are taken as goodies, often known as boquerones in Spanish.

The Anchovies dipped in salt; vinegar and oil are taken as toppings over bread spread with butter.

Anchovies can be served roasted or fried. Anchovies paste can also be added to dishes to get its umami flavor. It can also be taken with tomatoes as pizza toppings.

To make the pasta dishes more delicious Anchovies are used in the recipe. A recipe served in French Cuisines with lamb and olive combined with fillets of Anchovies makes the taste more mouth licking.

The anchovy’s slices can be taken dipped in sauce with chili -garlic, olive oil macaroni. Salads are also garnished with flavored Anchovies fishes.

The Anchovies are also added to different sauces like remoulade sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, fish sauce to add spicy taste and flavor.

They are well taken with lamb dishes; it highlights the flavor of meat rather than fishy one.

Another mouth-watering dish is a lamb cutlet with anchovies. The roasted spicy lamb chops with anchovy butter taste excellent.

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