What is Worcestershire Sauce and How It Is Used?

what is worcestershire sauce

Worcestershire sauce used for generations was first refined by two analysts in the year 1835, by Lee and Perrins. It has a definite aroma containing a compound list of additives that are available in most of the kitchen.


What is Worcestershire Sauce?

Worcestershire sauce is the key ingredient in every kitchen, having a combination of compound flavor with an essence of vinegar combined with spices like onion, garlic, tamarind, molasses, anchovies, and other condiments.  The aroma is pungent and sweet with a specific flavor of vinegar. This sauce is not applicable in veteran recipes as well as in authentic dishes that consist of meat.


Brands of Worcestershire Sauce

The perfect way to identify your favored Worcestershire sauce is by examining its quality and varies. It can also be analyzed while cooking different recipes with spicy sauces like soy, oyster, or fish sauce. The different varies of Worcestershire sauce is:-


Gluten-free Worcestershire

The US form of gluten-free Worcestershire sauce, which is popular for gluten-free menu, is formed of distilled white vinegar other than malt vinegar and can be checked in the label whether it is gluten-free.

Vegan Worcestershire sauce

The envies in authentic dishes for Worcestershire sauce are rejected for veteran recipes specifically. It is mentioned on the label clearly.

Low Sodium

Lee & Perrins along with some other varieties develop brands that are low in sodium level for those who are interested in taking dishes with a low amount of sodium.



What is Worcestershire Sauce

The lab technicians John Lea and William Perrins refined the Worcestershire sauce in Worcester, England. The technicians discarded a batch of vinegar which did not taste perfect they found during analyzing. While kept in storage the sauce simmered and refined compound aroma. The chemist canned more, that started spreading popularly in Europe, America, and also in the entire world. To develop the sauce they used to settle the sauce for two years with stirring in intervals and then it was shifted to get canned.


Presently Worcestershire sauce is produced by many economic sellers and also by the famous brand Lea & Perrins. HP sauce is a brand of brown sauce basically named as it was dotted in Houses of Parliament. Though it seems to be identical but not the same as the original Worcestershire sauce.



Vinegar is the key ingredient and is inserted for its pungent aroma and to store the ingredients of Worcestershire sauce.

The fruit of Tamarindus indica commonly known as Tamarind is the additive that gives a particular flavor to the Worcestershire sauce.

The pods which simulating brown pea pod bear fat gluey sponge having a texture of dates and spicy date apricot aroma.

The main additives for the US brand of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce comprise of distilled white vinegar, anchovies, garlic, molasses, salt, sugar, onion, water, extracts of chili pepper,  cloves, natural aroma and extracts of tamarind.

The Worcestershire sauce of the brand of Lee & Perrins which is sold in the US is different when compared to the UK recipe. The American brand of Worcestershire sauce is sweeter and salt compared to the forms that are sold in Canada and Britain. The Worcestershire sauce of American form basically uses distilled white vinegar and they also add a thrice amount of sugar and salt.


Beef Stew Recipe with Worcestershire Sauce



The Worcestershire sauce is pungent, sweet, aromatic, salty to taste. The exact proportion of these aromas makes it an exceptional sauce.  The aroma of umami got from anchovies increases its quality. The seasonings that are contained depend on the variety.

The Lee & Perrins US form of Worcestershire sauce is sweeter and saltier when compared with UK brand.


What is Worcestershire Sauce Used for?

Worcestershire sauce can be used as a seasoning or can be used in any other way while cooking.

Most of the time the Worcestershire sauce is used as an additive while immersing, it can also be sweep over fish, meat, poultry before roasted, sautéed or scorched.

Worcestershire sauce can also be used while boiling, roasting, or frizzling the vegetables. It can also be used as a seasoning over a sandwich, salad, or even shellfish.

The Worcestershire sauce can also be added within soups or stews as condiment and it even adds a beautiful aroma to the soup.


Recipes with Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce is used in a vast number of mouth-watering dishes when cooking vegetables, meat, fish, soups, stews.

Worcestershire sauce is also used as a greasing sauce while cooking Red Wine and Worcestershire sauce marinade for chicken.

Adding Worcestershire sauce when cooking the most popular dish like Australian Oysters Kilpatrick increases its flavor makes it very delicious.

A standard cheese sauce with vegetables is Cheddar Cheese sauce in which Worcestershire sauce is added as an ingredient. This cheese sauce makes the dishes perfect when taken with vegetables, pasta or even fishes.


From Where to Buy Worcestershire Sauce

The Worcestershire sauce can be bought from the sauce and ketchup section of the grocery shops. It is easily available in 10 ounce bottle. Worcestershire sauce can also be bought from online shopping sites.


Process of Making our Own Worcestershire Sauce

The steps of making Worcestershire sauce at our home are very easy though a number of ingredients are required. We can also add our secret additives to make the sauce tastier. The cooking time for Worcestershire sauce is 5 hours 35mins.

To smolder the additives a saucepan is required in which the long list of additives like olive oil, sweet onion, garlic, ginger, tamarind paste, jalapenos, anchovies, tomato blended, cloves, black pepper, dark corn syrup, molasses, white vinegar, dark beer, lime, juice of orange, lemon and plain water is added.

First of all to make Worcestershire sauce we have to gather the entire additive.

Then we have to heat 2tablespoon of olive oil in a saucepan and add 2 large sweet chopped onion and fry till it becomes soft.

Then add to it chopped garlic, chopped ginger 2 tablespoons each, and add jalapenos by removing its seeds at least 2 tablespoons. We have to cook this on a low medium flame for 5 mins.

The rest of the additives should be added one by one and keep stirring, bring it to boil after that we have to simmer the oven and keep it stirring at regular intervals, for about 5 hours until it becomes dense and start to get smeared at the back of the spoon.

Now we have to filter our home-made Worcestershire sauce into a glass jar or bottle and refrigerator it. Worcestershire sauce can also be canned using a boiling water canner.


Storing the Sauce

Before opening the Worcestershire sauce bottle for use we should store it at room temperature at first.

The bottle should be kept in the refrigerator after using it, to sustain its aroma.

Approximately the Worcestershire sauce can be refrigerated stored for 2 years and after that, it starts losing its quality and essence.

When we are buying Worcestershire sauce from the grocery store the date printed on the label of the bottle marks how long we can get its best quality and aroma from that bottle of Worcestershire sauce.


Worcestershire Sauce with its Advantages

Fewer condiments can be used in recipes when the Worcestershire sauce is added because it works as an Umami ingredient in the food.

Worcestershire sauce is healthier and tastier as it contains 5 calories in each teaspoon which is present in 65 milligrams of sodium and 2 percent of small quantity of iron of its daily value.

The daily value of vitamin C and calcium is less than 1 percent.  Lea and Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce sodium percentage is scaled down at a ratio of 45 milligrams per spoon which is equal to a daily value of 2%.

Though Worcestershire sauce is a simmer still it is refined and then bottled presently.

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